From the recording Crossroads - 2009

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Track 2 - Crossroads 2009


I feel like an after thought
An echo of a distant wish
A shadow on the ground
An outline of a ghost
I think I'm going to need some help
Too deep for me
Shine your eyes on whatever's going down
Karma falling from the trees

Somehow I've been gone too long
Somehow I've been gone too long
At least it seems that way

I can see the lights in the sky
There must be hope ahead
And in this moment of quiet time
I'll carry you around
Sometimes I'm bigger than New York
Most times lost in the aftermath
I wished for so much
Maybe I shouldn't have ever left


I need to reconnect
And even if I'm wrong
Live right
Feel right
The message seems to work
I need to go home
The shadows won't find me there
I wasn't prepared for this
I never seemed to really care

© Fred Argir 2006