"...the album has gained critical acclamation from the industry and 'Despair & Ecstasy' has been crowned as one of the best indie-rock albums of this year."

Daily Music Roll


 "A romantic take on industrial pop Fred Argir pours his very soul into the whole of  'Despair and Ecstasy'.



"No samey tamey safe pop here, Fred Argir is a real rocker who isn't afraid to turn his guitar all the way UP."

Baby Sue aka LMNOP


"Fred Argir is a talented guitar player and songwriter with a unique tone and a one-of-a-kind creative vision." 

Bandcamp Diaries


 "There's a lot to connect with, whether it's a gig you're looking for or something to escape within - some music that understands you, or that you can relate to - Fred Argir makes for a worthy choice."

Rebecca Cullen, Stereo Stickman


"I Don't Feel It is an energetic track with a charming groove. The song's flaring guitar creates a hypnotic melody that is both captivating and inspiring. Argir's latest offering turns out to be a symphonies jewel that epitomizes the legacy of this music veteran."

Warlock Asylum


"The album 'Still Alive' from DIY - musician Fred Argir is a very mature, well-arranged, produced and very professional sounding pop and rock album that fans of the work of artists like Dinosaur Jr. or Paul Westerberg will undoubtedly be charmed."


"Fred Argir is bringing back guitar-based rock music for the current generation."

Indie Band Guru


"...spectacular arrangement laden with gripping guitars and alluring beats."

Just Fame


"Rock-N-Roll is ingrained in Fred Argir's blood.           

Overall Rating 5/5"

The Widow's Peak Bandit, The Ratings Game 


"This is the kind of recording that just screams, 'Take your yacht rock and shove it up your backside!' Weeny yacht rock listeners need not apply, but true rockers, crank it up!"

Dan Macintosh, Scope Magazine


"The lead single, I Don't Feel It, comes packed with electrifying, soaring guitar solos, a solid rock and roll rhythm which locks tightly with the bass and enough passion to have you reaching for your air guitar in order to jam along."

Joshua Smotherman, Middle Tennessee Music


"As always, Argir delivers the goods...the goods being anthemic, slick, foot on the monitor rock and roll. And who didn't ever need a slice of that in their lives?"

Dave Franklin, Dancing About Architecture


"...a punk rock rawness and distorted edge. It always works pretty well, and this is no exception."

Gary Hill, Music Street Journal

"...effortlessly moves with the times, hops genres, scenes, sounds and styles and who is more concerned with where music goes next rather than where it has been"

 Dave Franklin - Dancing About Architecture


"Despair & Ecstasy has a lyrical edge that is greatly amplified by Argir's unique vocal performances and harmonic arrangements."

Warlock Asylum


"...contains pieces of grunge, psyche-rock, alt-rock and, most importantly, a keen sense of melody that makes Still Alive a stunning record.

Rating 9/10"

Take Effect


"Great musicians are starting to rise to the musical occasion in today's music industry. Fred Argir just happens to be one of them and if you have not caught him in action, he has enough bodies of work to choose from! Support him! 

Rating 10/10"

T4C - Top 40 Charts


"Argir's vocals are the shining star of the piece. Filled with rich emotion and warmth, they also have incredible texture to them. He carries the listener on a journey with him and guides us to discover the heart and should of the songs"

FV Music Blog


"Fred Argir goes for a no holds barred approach with the rollicking bluesy rifts of "I Don't Feel It". Volume deserves to be blasted for the physicality of the song has a raw, gritty sound."

Beach Sloth