From the recording Crossroads - 2009

Track 12 - Crossroads 2009


I'm just sitting here waiting for heaven
It's late like I knew it would be
No one ever told me to be careful
No one ever said hell wasn't cheap
I guard my pockets with a vengenance
I close my eyes with hopes to sleep
So I sit waiting for judgement
Take from me whatever you want
The rest I don't need

I sit here lost in wonder
Like some street man in faded jeans
Waiting for shelter
Waiting for freedom
Without these, without these
Life seems so bleak
At times I've conquered like a colonel
Sometimes I've failed with ill repeat
Light a candle
Start a fire
I'll dance a manic dance and wait for the heaven in my dreams
In my dreams

I stand here lost in question
Like a child with no way home
Lay me down to the god of resentment
I need more than you can tell me
Than you can tell me
I succumb to the habits of virtue
I often breathe the signs
I've lived the times of faded jeans
I've eaten at the table of pure exhaustion
And there I see
And there I lay me down
It's time
It's time to leave

© Fred Argir 1994