Fred Argir comes highly recommended so check out “I Don’t Feel It,” because once you hear it, you WILL feel it! Rating 10/10”

K. Tibbs, Music Industry News Network

Fred Argir is a talented guitar player and songwriter with a unique tone and a one-of-a-kind creative vision.”

Bandcamp Diaries

There’s a lot to connect with, whether it’s a gig you’re looking for or something to escape within – some music that understands you, or that you can relate to – Fred Argir makes for a worthy choice.”

Rebecca Cullen, Stereo Stickman

I Don’t Feel It is an energetic track with a charming groove. The song’s flaring guitar creates a hypnotic melody that is both captivating and inspiring. Argir’s latest offering turns out to be a symphonious jewel that epitomizes the legacy of this music veteran.”

Warlock Asylum

Rock-N-Roll is ingrained in Fred Argir's blood. OVERALL RATING 5/5”

The Widow's Peak Bandit, The Ratings Game

This is the kind of recording that just screams, ‘Take your yacht rock and shove it up your backside!’ Weeny yacht rock listeners need not apply. But true rockers, crank it up!”

Dan Macintosh, Scope Magazine

The lead single, I Don’t Feel It, comes packed with electrifying, soaring guitar solos, a solid rock and roll rhythm which locks tightly with the bass and enough passion to have you reaching for your air guitar in order to jam along.”

Joshua Smotherman, Middle Tennessee Music

...wonderfully fresh, inspiring and a worthy addition to the rock canon.”

Dave Franklin, Dancing About Architecture

...a punk rock rawness and distorted edge. It always works pretty well, and this is no exception.”

Gary Hill, Music Street Journal

...contains pieces of grunge, psyche-rock, alt-rock and, most importantly, a keen sense of melody that makes Still Alive a stunning record. Rating 9/10”

Take Effect

I have to say 'WOW' the skills that Fred has on guitar are phenomenal.”

Glyn Weaver, That This Media