Lost Souls CD Release 10.20.2010

Fred Argir's Lost Souls forces all of us to face inward, at the truth.

An introspective work that impacts all who hear and feel it, Lost Souls, by Fred Argir (his second solo project, following 2009's Crossroads) shapes itself to the experiences and individual minds of every listener.

A purist folk guitar album with 11 original songs, Lost Souls is a bit faster-paced than a typical acoustic work.  It's loaded with energy, and layered with instrumental and vocal support.

"It's a story about transition in your life," says Argir, a Denver-based songwriter with more than 25 years of recording and performing experience.

"Each song comes with a very strong emotion and passion.  It's an aggressive acoustic story, but with room to breathe.  The songs can be amazingly busy, full of elements, but at other points, extremely simple and airy." His masterful and creative guitar playing sets the tone for honest and universal story lines that reflect Argir's maturity as an artist. 

"This time," Fred says, "I step forward and kind of question things, and make statements, more than I would have been comfortable doing before.  I take a close look at my position within the spiritual realm. It comes from doing a lot of introspective work, a lot of meditation and thinking and seeing where I'm at and what I'm really cool with."

When it comes to the 'meaning of it all,' Argir avoids coloring listeners with his life stories and motivations behind the lyrics. "My role," he says, "is simply to transport thoughts so they can become part of the realm of the thoughts of the listener."

Lost Souls works it way inside of you, haunting, like sounds of nature, whispering the truth over and over and forcing you to face it.  You can't help yourself.  You have to listen.

Fred Argir's is the voice you can't run away from, full of the human condition, opportunities and longings, priorities and compromises, free will and choices you have to live with.  That's what Lost Souls is about, and why it's such a satisfying plate of real life.

Notes:  Lost Souls was mastered by Todd Fitzgerald at Winterland Studios in Minneapolis...all songs were written, recorded, and mixed by Argir...talented sons, Alex and Dylan, lend guitar and vocal texture...Lost Souls CDs and digital downloads are available on the Music page of this site, iTunes, and CD Baby.